The best Corporate Party Photo booth is one that helps facilitate a rockin’ party and provides premium quality along with white glove service at the same time.  Even though entertainment is critical to the success and flow of your Corporate/Holiday party, it is the last thing you want to think about logistically, during the party.  Hiring a professional is paramount to ensuring that your party goes off without hiccups or major issues.


In Seattle, Photo Booth service is everywhere.  Here we pride ourselves on ensuring that your party (and your pictures) is perfect.  Being the coordinator of your corporate/holiday party, the last thing you want to be thinking about on your special day is logistics and technicalities.


Long before the first song is ever played or the first photo is ever taken, we plan.  Planning and preparation are the keys to a glitch-free party.  We will meet with you and ask you what kind of party/setup/photo results/flow you want to see to make sure that your party actually IS your perfect party.   Logistics, from the size, props, print-outs, logos, set-up and tear down that you absolutely NEED to have happen are planned and prepared far ahead of time.  Nothing will be left to chance.   When it comes to planning and preparation, we are the best around.



A great Corporate party DJ will also have the best choice of music.  We have provided music and entertainment for weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, school dances, sales events, family parties and much more.

With more than a dozen GB of music and hundreds of CD’s, our selection is vast.  You can be sure that, with your input, the music that we provide will be exactly what you want it to be.  Each party is different and each crowd has different needs.   We understand that the music that kids want to hear at a high school dance is not the same playlist as a corporate holiday party.


We also offer comprehensive MC services and itinerary management.  Consider this to be where the best corporate party DJ’s are separated from the others.  Your corporate/holiday party will be filled with a combination of speeches, games, awards, and many other potential things that require someone GREAT on the mic to run them.

With the perfect blend of confidence, personality, humor, kindness and experience we will make sure your party runs smooth.  In our planning session, together we will plan the pace, the order, the participants, the songs, and any other special instructions that you would like.

When surveying recent newlyweds, this was the single most important thing to be aware of when interviewing potential DJ’s for their special day.  “Nothing is more critical to the success of your reception party than having a quality MC running the show on the microphone.  This one consideration can make or break your entire party.”

We not only have experience being the MC for many different styles of corporate and holiday parties, we have years of cumulative experience public speaking, performing/singing live music, performing live comedy and more.   Be sure to ask all of the DJ’s you interview what their level of mic experience is and what different mediums they have performed on.


We will plan with you all the details regarding the on-site printing that you would like at your event.  We have the highest quality mobile photo printing available at great speeds and can attach any watermark you like to each photo for the most memorable experience possible for your attendees.


You will also get high resolution digital images burned to disk or sent to you via dropbox within 24 hours of the event.  You are then free to post them to any social media and tag your friends!  We aren’t sticklers about copyrighting the photos like some companies are.


A tuxedo at a beach wedding makes as much sense as a Hawaiian shirt and khakis at a formal corporate party in a downtown high-rise.  Our goal is perfection for YOUR party.  So we gladly accommodate whatever attire that you would like: Casual, Business Casual, Business Formal, Evening Formal or anything else you would like to specify.  As part of our planning session, we will be sure to know what your expectations are for our appearance.


We are Seattle business owners as well as photographers and photo booth operators.  We are fully aware that the lifeblood of our business is referrals.  The only way that clients will refer us to family and friends is if we are stellar.  We commit to working hard before, during and after your party to make certain that your day happens just how you want it.  When we pack up and the night is over, we want to know that you are more than satisfied and thus, happy to recommend our services to others.


Our owners and photographers are from the Puget Sound!  We live here. We were born and raised here.   As many of our competing websites do, we are NOT a national website getting leads from search engines to dole out to the next local Photo Booth in line for a referral fee.


A 10 minute “intermission” right in the middle of your party due to equipment “glitches” can kill the energy.  All of our equipment has been accumulated with reliability and innovation in mind.  Our equipment is tested and trusted to be reliable.  We also ensure to have back-up camera, batteries, cabling, power, etc. on hand to guard against unfortunate and unforeseen issues.