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Weddings, graduations and birthday celebrations are only a couple of key achievements celebrated in your lifetime. Each is a significant and happy event that merits legitimate documentation – and what preferable path over a photo booth? Photo booth contracting hosts become the most recent pattern for gatherings, weddings and even corporate occasions, and all things considered. What our administrations can offer you and your visitors is nothing not exactly an enduring memory and token of your extraordinary day. Here’s only a couple of reasons why you need a photo booth at your next occasion.

Hire Photo Booth for your next event in Melbourne

Disregard arranged photographs

– Gone are the times of firm, clumsily presented pictures. Photo booths make certifiable, unconstrained pictures – catching each laugh and grin. We switch the job of the photographer to you. So take the same number of genuine, senseless and cunning photos as you like! You’ll make sure to esteem these photos for quite a long time to come.

photobooth hire

Excitement for everybody

– Our administrations are something beyond photography. Photo booths give a definitive excitement to your capacity or gathering by getting your visitors required to make their own insane or genuine photographs. We even give props to make those photographs even that additionally energizing and fascinating. Take a privateer themed photo or play it straight – it’s up to you!

Something beyond a photo – We take catching your exceptional minutes to an entire other level. Our photo booth company in Melbourne additionally offer Video and Music offices, just as being made for simple sharing via web-based networking media stages. So rather than only a photograph, you can be responsible for your own imaginative media. Catch an extraordinary minute between companions on camera or offer your snaps with more companions on the web. Everything is readily available!

Hire a Photo Booth in Melbourne today

We adore being a piece of your unique occasions, and need to enable you to catch each minute. Call us today to make your next occasion considerably progressively extraordinary.

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Wedding season has arrived once more! With the warm summer wind and delightful cluster of blooms springing to life, it’s no big surprise that this season is so prevalent for weddings. In case you’re arranging your wedding, you’d be more than mindful of the bounty of choices and costs associated with the day. It’s significant for your wedding to be flawless, and to be critical for both you and your visitors. That is the place our wedding photo booth contract administrations come close by. In the event that you haven’t officially settled on booking a photo booth for your exceptional day, here’s three straightforward reasons why you should!

Catch certified and special minutes photobooth in Melbourne

As extraordinary for what it’s worth to have proficient photography at your wedding, the remarkable climate and energy encompassing your visitors is frequently lost. Photo booth contract guarantees that these unique minutes are caught, with the goal that you can keep on pondering them long after your big day. Our fun and extraordinary props that accompany our photo booth employ, permits much greater charm and engaging snaps to be caught.

hire photobooth melbourne

Give the ideal memento to you and your visitors

Our photo booth rental London, offers a scope of bundles to suit your needs and furnish you with an enduring memento. Our corporate bundle beginning at just £599, gives you boundless advanced photos and a USB drive putting away all the photos, so both you and your visitors have a valuable token of the day.

Be a pioneer

Photo booth procure for weddings have turned into extremely popular in the course of recent years. They have become a practically basic piece of a cutting edge, on-pattern wedding – and in light of current circumstances as well! They bring a fun, crazy air to your day of festivities. Besides, our photo booth rental Melbourne enables you to customize your photo booth props and topics, so you can truly be at the cutting edge of a developing pattern.

Get in contact with our amicable staff today, and guarantee your photo booth is prepared for your uncommon day.

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Birthday celebrations are an exceptional event, and in that capacity, they ought to be praised with your loved ones who have helped make the year another essential one. Regularly as we get more established, a large number of us will in general expel setting up a birthday party and settle on a less difficult issue. In any case, birthday gatherings aren’t only for praising achievements like your sweet sixteenth! They’re likewise an incredible convention that ought to be carried on consistently. So whether you’re turning 20, 70, or some place in the middle of, here’s a couple of ways you can compose an additional exceptional birthday party for your extraordinary day.

Hire a Photo booth for a Birthday Party in Melbourne

photo booth hire melbourne


We as a whole know the staple things for a birthday party (think cakes and inflatables), however frequently it’s difficult to tell how to make it an additional uncommon gathering, separating it from the rest. Here’s a couple of simple tips to make it the ideal birthday slam for you and your companions!



1. Picking the area

Consider the sort of occasion and environment you might want for your birthday. Perhaps you need a fun, merry, garden party in your terrace or a recreation center. Or on the other hand, you could blend it up with an extravagant setting like a lodging or capacity room, and appreciate a decent supper and beverages with your companions. Anyway you need to go through your day, ensure it’s something you feel great with – all things considered, it’s your day.

2. Pick a topic

Regularly the idea of a subject for a birthday appears to be a problem. Yet, as a general rule, it ends up being a genuine hit with the visitors – I mean, how frequently do you get the opportunity to play spruce up? From hard and fast subjects like the 80’s, to having a basic shading everybody needs to wear, including a topic is an incredible method to get visitors included and set your gathering apart from each other year! You can even topic your nourishment and music for an extra-exceptional issue!

3. Include a photo booth for your Birthday party

Nothing says a significant gathering superior to a photo booth! Continuously ensured to go down a treat with your visitors, party photo booths are an incredible method to keep visitors engaged and to catch uncommon recollections from the day. You can even choose the props to go inside your gathering photo booths when you pick photo booth contract in London, so the photos you make are considerably progressively imaginative, and bubbly!

Converse with our extraordinary group today at photo booth procure in Melbourne, to perceive how we can enable you to toss an extra-unique birthday!

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Photos are an incredible method to recall significant occasions, achievements and recollections made with loved ones throughout the years. For quite a while, ages have gathered and shared their photos through collections and scrapbooks. In any case, with all the advancement in innovation and the ascent of online networking, a large number of us have halted this custom of printing out photos and rather picked to keep everything on the web. While Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat have some good times better approaches to keep everybody refreshed with our lives, would we say we are passing up a major opportunity by never again keeping photos in print structure? Here’s a couple of reasons why printed photos are as yet worth keeping.

Why Hire a PhotoBooth in Melbourne?

One of the extraordinary motivations to employ a photo booth for your next occasion, wedding or gathering is to make enduring recollections with loved ones. Not exclusively do our Photo booth administrations furnish you with computerized duplicates of your photos, yet we additionally furnish you and your visitors with printed duplicates to gather on the spot! Thusly, you have quick access to your extraordinary snaps and can impart them to your loved ones. Giving a printed duplicate of your Photo booth shots to visitors likewise makes for a superb bring home gathering blessing. The fun and imaginative photos that are caught through the photo booth are ensured to make enduring recollections worth keeping. Giving a printed photo to visitors implies that they can outline the photo when they return home and they won’t disregard the exceptional recollections made at your occasion.

photo booth hire melbourne

Not exclusively do our printed photos give an astounding blessing to the visitors, yet it likewise makes for an incredible blessing to yourself. You also can keep a duplicate of your visitor’s insane photos and sincere shots to think about for a considerable length of time to come. Just include a scrapbook or photo divider at your occasion and requests that visitors share their photo booth prints. Along these lines, you also can have a moment accumulation of recollections from the night. You can even demand visitors to include a remark with their photo, to include an additional unique touch. On the off chance that it’s your wedding or a unique birthday you’re commending, this is an extraordinary possibility for visitors to leave counsel and valuable remarks.

Our corporate bundles beginning from just $400, is an incredible method to exploit your photo booth pictures. Over your printed photos, you’ll likewise get your decision of key rings or flip books to show your photos. This can give another novel bring home present for your visitors. Or on the other hand, why not go the additional mile and attempt our VIP Event Package offering boundless photos, a green screen customisation, props, aluminum photo prints, a guestbook bundle and significantly more.

Enquire today to prepare your photo booth for your next occasion, and start sharing those printed photos indeed!

photo booth hire melbourne

photo booth hire melbourneRegardless of whether you’re arranging a birthday gathering, wedding or work, there’s no better method to engage your visitors than with a photo booth! We have various photo booth rental bundles to choose from, contingent upon your occasion. Yet, before you pick your photo booth rental bundle, here are a couple of interesting points.



1. Is your setting reasonable for a Photobooth?

Our photo booths are extraordinary amusing to have at any occasion. Be that as it may, before you make a request, it’s a smart thought to check you have space at your chosen scene. In case you’re reserving out a café, lobby or another procured scene, ask whether they can suit a photo booth.

2. By and large tasteful of the booth

Consider your occasion space and the vibe you need to make. Photo booths will in general occupy a touch of room, so you may get a kick out of the chance to think about how it will fit with your topic (if there is one) and how it will fit inside the general stylish of your occasion.



3. Quality/size of printed photos

Probably the best thing about employing a photo booth for your occasion is that you and your visitors will get the chance to bring home the recollections! Be that as it may, you need to make certain that you’re getting top notch photos that will last. When you pick Photo Booth Hire in London as your suppliers, you’ll be ensured top quality photos. Our distinctive photo booth rental bundles accommodate a scope of various photo sizes – so you can pick what’s best for you! To guarantee you have an interminable supply of your occasion’s astounding photos, pick either our Corporate or VIP Event Package to get a USB with the majority of your photos included!

4. Will the photo booth rental bundle incorporate props? Assuming this is the case, would they say they are suitable for your occasion?

Regardless of which photo booth rental bundle you select, you’ll get a scope of fun props your visitors will love! You can get in contact with us on the off chance that you’d like to demand a particular props, or, on the off chance that you have a specific topic for your occasion, you may get a kick out of the chance to consider bringing along your very own portion!

5. Cost of hiring a Photobooth in Melbourne

We comprehend that you need to minimize expenses when you’re arranging your gathering, that is the reason we offer a scope of photo booth rental bundles to suit. Beginning from $400, you can get a completely prepared photo booth for 3 hours at your occasion. This will incorporate all your preferred highlights, from props and music offices to an on location orderly.

Look at our scope of gathering bundles accessible to locate your ideal